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  RICHARD WALLER is now putting on our monthly trail rides. He plans to have a membership only ride on the first Saturday of the month. There are some changes in the programs, please review the articles at

We are instituting the Trail Boss program, I will be Trail Boss for this ride.  Three common sense rules are now in place for all rides,
1. Is your horse fit enough to make the ride? 
2. If your horse fails for any reason, can you walk out? If your answer to either of those is no, please do not come on the ride.

3. If a rider or a horse poses a danger to others, they may be asked to leave the group." 

The campout at Indians May 6,7,8 is a time to ride and visit in a landscape nearly untouched by the 20th century, lovely grassy hills, incredible rock formations and a lovely river flowing through it backed by mountains rising thousands of feet above it all.  It is an informal camp, bring your own food, although if you bring something to potluck that would be nice. The camp is a quarter mile from the river, you should bring your own horse water, or hike a bit. No toilets, you will need to be self contained or willing to hike with a shovel. You will need your own horse restraint system. corrals or tie outs,  Highline possibilities are a little limited.
Is not an official BCHC activity, just a group of friends camping at the corrals at above the Carrizo camp on Road 6 off the Indians Road. 
I plan to get there on Thursday afternoon in order to make sure we have the location, I am telling everyone to drive to!  
Directions, I hope the link from googlemaps works, drive north to Bradley, take the Hunter Liggett Jolon exit.  Google Maps Directions to Road 6, turn left and drive to the corrals. I or my truck should be there
If the direction page doesn't work for you, take the exit, drive to Hunter Liggett as if you were going to Mission San Antonio, Just before the Mission turn left on Del Venturi Road and follow it to the National Forest, start watching for the little white road number signs, turn left on Road 6 and drive to the corrals I or my truck should be there.  If you don't have the USFS Monterey and Santa Lucia maps, you might get one, it shows all the roads and trails, almost.
If you are planning to go, would you mind RSVPing
Richard Waller
President, Backcountry Horsemen of California & Los Padres Unit

POSTED: 2/24/2015




 Details on the rides can be found at Rides and Work  Richard Waller

I have also attached a link to pull up a copy of the volunteer saddle bag hours - take with you on the trail and jot down the information.  That makes it easier to keep track of who went with you and times, horses, etc.  Saddle Bag  Trail Head Sign In.pdf

Nancy Johns Kimmell - Education Chair - posted 1/12/2015

Terrie Garretson has offered to have anyone who would like to ride with her to give her a call.  She rides often and does ride areas that you may not have ridden before.  Please contact her anytime to see if she is going out for the weekend to ride and if you wish to join her.  This is not a BCHC Unit event or activity - She just enjoys the company.  If you, on the other hand, are going for a ride, give Terrie a call.  She may wish to join you.  Her contact information is:

 805-717-2998,  805-343-1738 - note new number,  or email at

 Also for our Parades - here is the PARADE PROTOCOL

Anyone wanting to ride in the parades needs to make sure their horse can handle the commotion of the crowds, bikes, kids running, wagons, loud music, dancing horses, flags, horns, and old tractors.  We will try to hold a desensitizing class before the first parade.   

 We are riding as a group and need to be dressed accordingly.  Off-white (eggshell) LONG sleeve shirt, burgundy scarf, blue jeans, boots and a light colored STRAW hat.  There are regular BCHC shirts available to order. If interested in ordering, please contact Nancy Kimmell at 805-471-1198 or NJK@TCSN.NET.  Spurs, half chaps, chaps, etc.  are optional.

Anyone riding in the parade WILL sign in with the BCHC parade leader at least ˝ hour before we are to line up, which is usually ˝ to 1 hour before parade time. The Parade leader will have a BCHC banner hanging from their trailer, make sure you know the miles traveled and the time for travel, as those will be needed for sign up.  Anyone coming in late will have to catch up on their own, make sure you sign in before you catch up. The sign in sheet will be in the back of the trailer with a pen. We will leave the staging area as a group.  Make it a habit to be at the staging area 2 hours ahead of parade time – this gives you time to check in, get ready and settle down your horse. 

Riders will line up in twos with at least ˝ to 1 horse length between you and the horse in front.  Try to stay even with your partner.  If your horse gets antsy, circle  him/her to the outside as often as needed. DO NOT ride up into the horse in front or behind you,  We want to show our professional side. If your horse becomes uncontrollable, get off and walk him, if that doesn’t work, find a side street and walk him back to the trailer, we would rather be safe than sorry.  REMEMBER – SMILE  we are there to enjoy.

The banner will be in front, The American flag and State flag will be next. Our Unit flag will be behind the other 2 flags.  Anyone packing or ponying will ride by themselves and will be scattered throughout the group.  Forest Service Wilderness Volunteers who want to wear their USFS volunteer uniforms, will ride behind the BCHC group. 

I know these are a lot of rules, but a fun parade can turn into a disaster if there is no organization and rules.  We would like as many members as possible to ride in the parades, so if you want to enjoy a fun and rewarding experience call ahead and come join us. 





Updated: 2/24/2015
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